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Shalem is a warm and loving environment where each person, young and old alike, is respected and valued for their unique gifts. Our program focuses on the development of the mind, body and soul in a safe, nurturing environment that offers opportunities for exploration and discovery. Our activities are created to match each student’s developmental stage, while giving special focus on the process and pleasure of discovery, not just the final product.  We constantly strive to develop curiosity, imagination, self-esteem, caring for others, and the ability to play both cooperatively and independently.  We accept children ages 2 - 6.


Our teachers offer an integrated approach to education which combines learning and play, skillfully building upon what our students already can do while challenging them to try new things.


Our Jewish heritage and values allow us to nurture within our students a positive sense of identity for themselves.  Jewish culture, traditions, holidays, and heritage are celebrated through stories, songs, dance, cooking, and crafts.  Shabbat (the Sabbath) is celebrated at school each week in an atmosphere of togetherness and sharing, while cultural diversity is promoted and respected as all of our families share their traditions from around the world. 


We are the only center in the South Bay to follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s required ratios of 1:6 for our 2’s - 3’s class, 1:8 for our 3’s - 4’s class and 1:10 for our 4’s - 5’s class and believe this is the key to successful learning.  However, our preferred learning mode is that of mixed age learning, an approach to learning and community that focuses on caring for the the community and being sensitive the individual needs of each learning in their own stage.


Over the course of the school year, children will develop a sense of trust and comfort with their teachers and peers, deepen understanding of emotions, and expand their social, language, and motor skills. Children are not required to be toilet trained to attend our programs; toilet learning is incorporated into the classroom as needed.


In holding high the value of ahavat ha’briyot (love of all of God’s creations) Shalem does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin, sexual orientation or religion in its admission policies, educational process, or in any other school programs.

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