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Mission, Vision and Values

*  We believe each person is created B’tzelem Elohim “in the image of God” and therefore all members of our community must act with self respect and respect for others.


*  We understand that the Jewish concept of Rachamim means that we act with compassion towards all people.


*  We uphold the imperative of Tikkun Olam, improving the world, which calls upon each of us to strive for both personal and group success.


*  Our commitment to Talmud Torah (to the practice of study) demands that all of us - our staff, parents and students arrive at school eager to learn and recognize that education is both an obligation and a privilege. We always strive to facilitate meaningful learning - the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and habits.


*  Our belief in Kavod (treating people with dignity) and our efforts to avoid Bushah (embarrassment) means that we strive to maintain the emotional and physical safety of all members of our community.


*  Our commitment to Darkei Shalom (pathways to peace) means that we strive to communicate with each other in a peaceful manner even when the circumstance may be difficult.


*  Our understanding of the Jewish concept of Teshuvah (repentance) means that we recognize that we all make mistakes, have the capacity to turn away from these mistakes, and are capable of becoming kinder, more caring people.

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