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Shalem offers a healthy snack in the morning and one in the afternoon to all of our students.  Additionally, we have the option of a healthy hot lunch provided by the school, made onsite fresh daily.  


At Shalem, we focus on preparing fresh foods that are high in nutrients and vitamins to promote a healthy body, mind, and soul.  It is important for children to have a nutrient-dense selection of foods on their plate, as healthy eating boosts a child’s energy and promotes an interest in learning.  


At Shalem, children are given a balanced portion of fat, carbohydrate and protein at each snack; we pay special attention to ensure that snacks are not simply a handful of goldfish or a pack of crackers. Instead, they are a small, balanced meal, that keeps children focused and ready for the next task at hand.  Our two-week alternating menu is full of a variety of nutritious foods that keeps kids from getting bored, and introduces them to new ingredients, like seasonal vegetables or different spices.

Our lunch menu also focuses on providing children with a balanced, nutrient-dense meal and it’s a great way to introduce children to new foods, like tofu or even brussel sprouts.  One of the kids' favorite lunches is our protein bowl; it provides children with a choice of rice, beans, vegetables, protein, and fat that they can serve themselves and enjoy in a fun, social environment.

Teaching kids’ healthy habits at a young age prepares them to stick with those habits as they grow.  Our curriculum engages children in preparing a variety of foods and teaching them about their health benefits.  We focus on giving children the autonomy to choose what they would like to eat off their plates; this allows eating to be a positive, pressure-free experience that promotes self-confidence and empowerment.  

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