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“Above all, we take pride in the education of our children.” 


Sometimes in life you are given the opportunity to leave a mark and create something everlasting - not for yourself, but for the future. We are so excited to open the doors of the Shalem Early Childhood Learning Community in Manhattan Beach. Shalem is a place where we focus on the development of the whole child as we ensure that who they are and how they feel is just as important as what they can do. We dedicate our energies and creativity to creating a sacred and welcoming school for all families where a love of family, community, Judaism, and the world beyond is at the core of our program. Though opening this new and independent learning community in a short time is a monumental task, our dreams are big and we believe the future of our world depends on it. Join us in helping get our dream off the ground as we ensure l’dor v’dor - from generation to generation.

We are a 501(c)3 Organization EIN 82-5380874. All donations are deemed tax-deductible absent any limitations on deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

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