About Us

Welcome to Shalem Early Childhood Learning Center for the mind, body, and soul in Manhattan Beach. Shalem is the Hebrew word for wholeness and defines our approach to learning. At Shalem our children experience a unique and nurturing environment - one where our highly qualified and creative staff guide and facilitate a play-based emergent curriculum that allows our students to build a strong foundation for the skills and tools they will need as they grow both academically and socially. We focus on developing the whole child into a kind, compassionate individual with a connection to and love for family, community, Judaism and the world beyond.



Shalem is guided by Jewish teachings and culture, including the value of recognizing that every individual is created b’tzelem Elohim (in the image of God), and the importance of kehillah u’mishpacha (our community of family and friends). Inspired by these values, our preschool emphasizes the importance of fostering relationships and social development, recognizing each child’s distinct abilities and talents. Every child is respected as a competent and capable learner, full of potential and promise.

A nation's treasures are its scholars - Yiddish Proverb